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AAPT Section News, December 2013
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( Holiday Sports Spectacular), PBS, and others. He was
Chief Scientist for the Discovery Channel and an on-air
presenter for Science Live.
The AOK meeting was concluded after a Raffle and the
organizational Business meeting in which new officers
were elected for the upcoming year.
—Todd R. Leif, Section Representative
Chicago Section
TheThe Chicago Section met on Saturday, March 16, 2013
at Glenbard South High School in Lombard, Illinois. Our
keynote speaker was Carol Keene Baker who gave us an
update on the progress of NGSS and looked to the future of
assessment. Other speakers included the following:
• “Physics of Banjos” by Joe Bella, Alex Gilman, Tom
Sullivan, David Wieczorek, Loyola University Chicago
• “Modeling Modern Physics Phenomena and
Applications Using G4Beamline” by Joe Kozminski
and Elizabeth De Waard, Lewis University
• “Dimension and Probability” by Ted Erikson, R/E
• “Musical acoustics of stringed instruments” by T.
Predey, R. Galbo, J. Kamberos, Z. Momin, and K.
Pomian, Loyola University Chicago
• “Observing Electric Dipole and Quadrupole Effects
from Scattered Laser Light” by Ernest Knight and Joe
Kozminski, Lewis University
• “Resistivity of Conducting Paper” by Martha Lietz,
Niles West High School
We had a business meeting during lunch, and this included
the following: Paul Dolan presented the Secretary’s
report and asked for nominations for the Fall Meeting, at
which the elections take place. Debby Lojkutz presented
the treasurers report and indicated we have plenty of
funds to support visiting guest speakers. Kim Coble of
Chicago State University presented a workshop entitled
“Cosmology in the Classroom” after the business meeting
was concluded.
We met again on Saturday, November 16, 2013 at Oakton
Community College in Des Plaines, Illinois. Our
keynote speaker was Gabe Spalding, who spoke to us
about updating the advanced laboratory curriculum at his
institution, including the goals and methods. He invited
us all to join ALPhA to share methods and materials for
the advanced lab. Other talks were given by the following
• Ted Erickson - “Activity, Probability and
• Paul Dolan – “Fill the box, fill only the box…Ideas
about non-standard quizzes.”
• Joe Kozminski – “Preliminary Recommendations from
the Laboratory Subcommittee”
• Lyle Lichty – “Using ‘Praat’ for Acoustics
Demonstrations and Labs”
• Rich DeCoster – “Hubble’s Variable: 90 years later”
• Katarzyna Pomian – “Physics of Stringed Instruments”
• Kara Beauchamp – “Teaching Introductory Electricity
and Magnetism (non-calculus) with Sequenced
Interactive Questioning”
At our lunch meeting we heard the secretary’s report, the
treasurer’s report, and held our annual elections. The
following slate of officers was elected.
President - Joe Kozminsky - Lewis University
Vice President- Daniel Cahill - Grayslake Central High
Secretary - Paul Dolan - NEIU
Treasurer - Debby Lojkutz - Joliet West High School
Section Representative - Gordon Ramsey - Loyola
High School Representative - John Lewis - Glenbrook
South High School
Two-Year College Representative - Theodore Gotis -
Oakton Community College
Four Year College Representative - Gordon Ramsey -
Loyola University
More information can be found at the section web site:
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