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AAPT Section News, December 2013
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trophysics Research, Suruj Seunarine, University of
• What Makes a Photocathode Good? , Thomas Nevins,
University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire and Argonne Na-
tional Laboratory
• A BFY Lab Experiment - Using an LED as a Single
Photon Avalanche Diode , Lowell McCann, UW-River
• Using Robots to Teach Motion, Brad Wysocki, Bloom-
er High School
• Preparing Wisconsin teacher with “A LOT of Science,”
Jennifer Docktor, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse
• Eye movements while interpreting graphical represen-
tations of motion, Jennifer Docktor, University of Wis-
consin - La Crosse
• Imaging Dynamic Solar Activity in Hydrogen-Alpha
Light, Mandy Neumann, University of Wisconsin-Eau
• Laminar Fluid Flow in Non-Circular Pipes, Michael
Yohn, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
• Computer Modeling of Satellite Debris Following
Breakup or Collision, Thomas Nevins, University of
Wisconsin - Eau Claire
• Computational Modeling of the Chaos/Stability Bi-
furcations of an Inverted Kapitza Pendulum, Timothy
McAuliffe and David Tamres, UW-Stevens Point
• Excel Physics!, David Tamres, University of Wisconsin
- Stevens Point
• Direct Measurement Video Workshop, Peter Bohacek
Henry Sibley High School and Matt Vonk UW - River
• Interactive, Simulator-Based Online Resources for As-
tronomy Classes, Adriana Durbala, UW - Stevens Point
• Renewable Energy Workshop , Kim Pierson, UW - Eau
• The Physics of Soap Films, Swapnil Tripathi, Univer-
sity of Wisconsin Colleges-Washington County
Current officers of the Wisconsin Section of AAPT:
President Matt Evans, UW-Eau Claire (2013-2014)
Vice-President Melissa Vigil, Marquette University (2013-
Past President: Phil Young, UW-Platteville (2013-2014)
Past-Past-President: Brad Hinaus, UW-Stevens Point
Secretary-Treasurer: Erik Hendrickson, UW-Eau Claire
Two-Year College Representative: Carey Woodward, UW-
Fond du lac (2012-2014)
High School Representative: Gary Baier, Green Bay East
High School (2012-2014)
Section Representative: A. James Mallmann, Milwaukee
School of Engineering (2012–2014)
—James Mallmann, Section Representative
To list your section meeting in the AAPT Calendar of Events, e-mail the information to
American Association of Physics Teachers
One Physics Ellipse • College Park, MD 20740
ph. 301.209.3333 • fax 301.209.0845 • web
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