AAPT - Teaching General Relativity, Syracuse, NY - 07/2006                         Lessons on Teaching Undergraduate GR

GR Survey - Halfway Into the Course
1. Future Topics
Rank the following topics as to which you would hope to see most (9) to least (1).
(a) Solar System Tests of General Relativity
(b) Gravitational Lensing, Accretion Disks,
and Binary Pulsars
(c) Collapse to a Black Hole
(d) Astrophysical Black Holes
(e) Gravitational Waves
(f) Cosmological Models
(g) Cosmological Parameters
and Surveys of the Universe
(h) Curvature and the Einstein Equation
(Requires more mathematics)
Russell L. Herman, University of North Carolina Wilmington, 07/2006
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