AAPT - Teaching General Relativity, Syracuse, NY - 07/2006                         Lessons on Teaching Undergraduate GR

2. Study Habits
(a) I read the lecture material in the book
a. Well before the lecture;
b. The night before the lecture;
c. After the lecture;
d. In pieces as I work through the problems;
e. I do not read the book
(b) I usually start the homework
a. As soon as it is assigned;
b. Only within two days its is due;
c. After it is due
(c) I typically seek help with the homework
a. Never;
b. Rarely;
c. Once each homework;
d. Twice each homework;
e. More than twice for each homework
(d) When doing homework I
a. Work alone;
b. Sometimes consult with classmates;
c. Sometimes work in groups;
d. Always work with at least one other
Russell L. Herman, University of North Carolina Wilmington, 07/2006
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