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    Contribution Maximum Length Submission Deadline
    Plenary paper 5 pages September 15, 2014
    Science paper 2 pages September 15, 2014
    Country paper 2 pages September 15, 2014
    Workshop report 2 pages September 15, 2014

    Deadlines are firm. No late papers will be accepted!

    During the organization of ICWIP-2014, publishing policies at AIP Publishing, LLC, changed. Scientific abstracts cannot be published alone but two-page scientific papers based on abstracts submitted for the conference can be submitted for review. Attendees who submitted abstracts to present scientific posters can submit scientific papers whether they presented a poster or an invited talk at one of the workshops. All scientific papers will undergo a review by an expert in the field. Following review, scientific papers will either be:
    • Accepted outright
    • Accepted with minor changes
    • Rejected outright

    The final decision to accept (or not) will be made by the editors based on the recommendation of the reviewer. Appeals should be made directly to the editors.

    Scientific papers requiring extensive English editing will be rejected without review.

    What to Do

    1. Download instructions and forms

    The publisher has very specific requirements for how material must be prepared and submitted. These requirements are especially important for figures and images. By following these instructions, you will help the organizers produce a timely, high-quality document.

    The instructions package contains

    • Instructions
      • Author instructions for preparing the manuscript, including guidelines on creating images so they will be readable, attractive, and effective in the final volume
      • Sample paper showing the required format, including figures, tables, and references
    • Forms
      • Copyright transfer form, by which you give the legal right to this material to the publisher (in case you did not sign this form at the conference)
      • Form to request permission to use material published by another author, along with instructions from the publisher about when such permission is required and how to request it
    Download instructions

    2. Submit paper

    Use this "Submit paper" link to send your paper, along with original image and figure files and copyright transfer and permission forms as needed. We need to have original, "native format" files for all figures and images, so that they can be edited if necessary. Send files only once.

    Submission of Papers is closed.

    About the Proceedings

    Editors: Beth A. Cunningham (American Association of Physics Teachers), Catherine O'Riordan (American Institute of Physics), and Shohini Ghose (Wilfrid Laurier University)

    Publication date: December 2015

    Citation: Women in Physics: 5th IUPAP International Conference on Women in Physics, AIP Conference Proceedings 1697, edited by Beth A. Cunningham, Catherine O'Riordan, and Shohini Ghose (American Institute of Physics, Melville, NY, 2015).


    Questions about the submission process can be directed to proceedings co-editor Beth Cunningham, icwip@aapt.org, +1 301-209-3311.

    The Proceedings are supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant PHY-1419453