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AAPT Summer Meeting 2009 in Ann Arbor, Michigan


Thanks to everyone that attended the meeting and help to make it a success. Join us (along with APS) in Washington DC at the APS/AAPT Joint Winter Meeting!

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"Discovering the Universe: Democritus and Galileo to Fundamental Particles and Cosmology"

AAPT's 2009 Summer Meeting took place on the campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Committee meetings, sessions, and workshops will occur across the grounds at UM. A meeting highlights page with information and events from the meeting will be posted shortly. Thanks to everyone that made the meeting such a success. We'll see in you in Washington, DC this winter!

The local committee at the University of Michigan has also set up a website at U-M with local meeting informationU-M. You can find information concerning the campus, the local area, and local travel. Thanks to the U-M local committee for all their hard work!

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Ann Arbor (Thumbnail)Ann Arbor - Liberty Street (Thumbnail)


Some photos courtesy Ann Arbor Area CVB and Prof. Jens Zorn