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High School Physics Teacher Day

 Special Discount Available if You are a High School Physics Teacher Who Has Never Attended a National AAPT Meeting

We have prepared for you a special reduced registration rate including a free lunch on Monday, July 30, at the American Association of Physics Teachers 2012 Summer Meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Attend a special luncheon where you will learn more about resources available thru AAPT that can help you improve student learning of physics including:tptajpphysdaysm2012b
    ° Journals: The Physics Teacher & American Journal of Physics
    ° ComPADRE digital library of free online resources
    ° Physics Teaching Resource Agents (PTRA)
    ° eMentoring
    ° Adopt-a-Physicist
    ° High School Physics Teacher Grant

    ° Contests: Physics Olympiad, Physics Bowl, & Photo Contest
    ° Lunch is included in the special registration fee

  • Attend your choice of other sessions including:peoplephysdaysm2012c
    ° PER in the High School

    ° Physics First Discussion Panel - Success Stories in the Delaware Valley
    ° Textbooks and Labs Suitable for 9th Grade Physics
    ° National AAPT - What's in it for High School Physics Teachers
    ° Tutorials for PTRA and High School Teachers
    ° What Works in the Pre-College Classroom
    ° Video Analysis in the High School and Introductory College Classroom
    ° Paul W. Zitzewitz Award for Excellence in Pre-College Physics Teaching

  • Visit the vendor exhibit area to see the latest lab/demo equipment and textbooks.
  • Attend the meeting of the Committee on Physics in High Schools.
  • Enhance your professional relationships with physics teacher colleagues.

High school physics teachers who have not yet attended a national AAPT meeting will receive a special registration fee of $75, which is much less than the usual one-day registration fee of $220 for AAPT members and $420 for non-members. We’re offering this special registration fee, because we want to encourage you to sample what AAPT has to offer high school physics teachers. We’re confident that once you see what AAPT has to offer, you’ll become an active AAPT member.



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