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2003 High School Photo Contest Pictures

2003 High School Photo Contest Winners
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127th AAPT National Meeting , Madison, WI


Second Place - Contrived Category

Title: Coca-Cola Explosion
Student: Matthew Dalton
School: Noble and Greenough School, Dedham, MA
Teacher: Christine Pasterczyk

This is an image that shows a Coke can being shot by a bow and arrow. I shook up the can of Coke in order to build up the pressure inside the can. When my friend shot the arrow at the can and the arrow pierced it, the pressure inside caused the soda to spurt out of the can. In the image, there is more soda getting propelled out of the back of the can than the front, because this is the place the can was first pierced. I especially like this image because it almost seems like the Coke coming out of the back is spiraling as it jettisons out.

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