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2005 High School Photo Contest Pictures

2005 High School Photo Contest Winners
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2005 AAPT Summer Meeting , Salt Lake City, UT



First Place - Contrived Category

Title: Scenes Through a Screen
Student: Rebekah Sokol
School: Albany Academy for Girls, Albany, NY
Teacher: Ms. Lynda Blankenship

For this photo, a screen sprayed with tap water was secured on a tripod four inches in front of the camera, which was focused on the water droplets that formed. A photograph of a woman’s face was placed six inches behind the screen. The red area in the background is the lips of the face. The entire face can be seen in each water drop. Each droplet forms a convex lens, where parallel rays of light are brought together at a focus. The image seen in each drop is inverted, and all images beyond the drop’s focal point appear inverted. To accommodate, the photograph of the face was turned upside-down before this photograph was taken.

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