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Learn from colleagues, share your work, and build your leadership.

National Conferences
  • Attend special K-12 workshops and sessions
    • High School Physics Teachers Day
    • High School Physics Teachers Camp
  • Give a presentation
  • Share a poster


Special Events and Initiatives
  • See upcoming events at our blog
  • Follow the work of the Physics Master Teacher Leader Taskforce
  • Learn about Computational Modeling with Physics First Modeling Instruction
  • Attend or assist at a Physics Day at a regional National Science Teachers Association conference
hands on workshop

Volunteer on a Committee
  • Area Committee on High School Physics
  • Area Committee on Pre-HS Physics
  • Advisory Committee for PTRA
  • Learn about other committees here!

Become a Physics Teaching Resource Agent (PTRA)


For more details and information about K12 Programs, please contact Rebecca Vieyra, K12 Program Manager, at rvieyra@aapt.org