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The following AAPT/PTRA workshops have been scheduled. If you are interested in attending contact the individual listed below.

The cost of rural regional institutes is free and pays a stipend plus per diem and travel. The cost of an AAPT/PTRA workshop, that isn't a rural institute, is $10.00 per participant per hour. These workshops may be eligible for staff development funding.

Upcoming Workshops
Title: Waves: NGSS for Physics and Physical Science Teachers
Date: 06/20/16 - 06/30/16
Time: 08:30 AM - 04:30 PM
Location: Physics Department
University of Wisconsin - River Falls
River Falls, WI
Contact: Lowell McCann , 715-425-4417
Description: Description: This two week workshop focuses on teaching Physics and Physical Science courses that help students meet and exceed the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for Waves. Emphasis will be on Physics content knowledge, active learning techniques, and engineering design applications specific to the NGSS. The workshop may be taken as continuing education or to earn 3 graduate credits.

Cost: $950.00. Graduate credit can also be earned, at rates that are dependent upon residency status. For further information, see http://www.uwrf.edu/studentbilling/Index.cfm The PTRA Oversight Committee has approved a limited number of $200 stipends for teachers who complete this workshop.

Registration: http://www.uwrf.edu/PHYS/Summer.cfm

Title: What's the MATTER? (Grades K-5)
Date: 07/15/16
Time: 09:00 AM - 04:00 PM
Location: PASCO Headquarters
Roseville, CA
Contact: Karen Jo Matsler
Description: Elementary/Middle School: California Content Standards: Physical Science—What’s the MATTER? The morning session will focus on content and will be presented as hands on student centered learning cycles with STEM correlations as well as literature connections. The afternoon session will include quick engaging activities for your students (i.e. demos) and will be coupled with explanations of how/why the demos work and then participants will spend time making their own demos to take back to their classroom. You will not be sitting much so wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to be engaged in learning about the following standards: Grade 5 Properties of Matter; Grade 4 Electricity and Magnetism; Grade 8 Reactions and Grade 8 Periodic Table.

Cost: $100

Please register at http://aaptptra.com/workshops/

Title: Can You Control Your Impulse?
Date: 07/16/16
Time: 09:00 AM - 04:00 PM
Location: Roseville, CA
Contact: Karen Jo Matsler
Description: Middle/High School: Can You Control Your Impulse? Impulse and momentum should be easy to teach, but often become challenging because students do not understand the difference or how systems are involved. This workshop will focus on differentiating between the two and using inquiry to help students understand the difference and formulate relationships through experimentation. The afternoon session will include a special presentation from the internationally known Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics and will help you understand how to teach Black Holes and some quantum physics to your students. Come prepared to be challenged in ways you never experienced. Standards that will be targeted include: Physics: Motion and Force and Conservation of Energy and Momentum.

Cost: $100

Please register at http://aaptptra.com/workshops/

Title: Quantum Physics Workshop
Date: 07/18/16 - 07/20/16
Time: 08:00 AM - 04:30 PM
Addtional Times: Tuesday Evening @ 9pm - Telescope viewing and Star Party
Location: Austin College - IDEA Center
900 N Grand Ave
Sherman, TX 75090
Contact: Kenric Davies , 432-352-0572
Description: Need help understanding quantum physics or providing engaging opportunities for students to understand why quantum is important in their lives? Come to a workshop designed to provide content background through appropriate and engaging activities. The workshop will be three days of intense (and fun) concentration on understanding quantum physics and how to teach the concepts to students. The registration fee for the 3 days is only $100 and includes materials and resources to take back to your classroom.