2012 Annual Report - page 13

2012 Annual Report
Meeting Statistics
More than 1000 physics educators, researchers, and
students attend the Annual AAPT Meetings.
These National Meetings, held each winter and
summer, are opportunities for members, colleagues,
and future physicists from around the world to:
• participate in physics workshops
• meet and greet other physics educators
• form networks nationally and locally
• engage exhibitors and learn about the latest physics resources
• discuss innovations in teaching methods
• share the results of research about teaching and learning.
AAPT also hosts or supports smaller workshops and conferences
and symposia throughout the year to provide further opportunities for
professional development and knowledge sharing.
Narratives, Content, Witz.” Charles A. Dana Professor of
Physics, Emeritus at Colgate University, he has served AAPT
as President, Senior Staff Physicist, and Executive Officer.
John David Jackson Excellence in Graduate Physics
Education Awardee, Kip Thorne, well known author and
Caltech Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics, Emeritus
has made a tremendous impact on our understanding of
gravitation and astrophysics. He and his research group have
provided theoretical support for LIGO, including identifying
gravitational wave sources that LIGO should target, and
laying the foundations for data analysis techniques by which
their waves are sought.
Distinguished Service Citations were presented to
Elizabeth Chesick, Peter Hopkinson, and Jan Tobachnik.
Chesick was recognized for her service as a Section
Representative, PTRA, Area Committee Chair, and
Executive Board Member. Hopkinson’s service as a Section
Representative, member of the British Columbia Section of
AAPT, and service on the AAPT Nominating Committee
were cited.
JanTobochnik’s outstanding decade-long service as editor
American Journal of Physics
were recognized citing his
work to implement enhancements such as including color
online figures, online animations, color figures on the cover,
and incorporation of the PER section. His role included
service on the AAPT Executive Board and the Publications
Committee as well as the AIP Committee on Publishing.
The annual Sees (Students Exploring Engineering and
Science) programfeatured opportunities for underprivileged
students fromnearby schools toenjoy somehands-onphysics
experiments as well as career guidance and some take-home
goodies. Volunteers from AAPT and the Society of Physics
Students conducted the event, guiding experiments and
helping with the assembly of Galileoscopes.
The closing session at the Winter Meeting is dedicated
to the transfer of the AAPT Presidency to the President-
Elect. President David R. Sokoloff reviewed the highlights
of his term and included a very entertaining and useful
presentation on the “Top Ten Reasons to be an AAPT
Member.” David M. Cook and Marie F. Plumb were thanked
for their outstanding service as they leave the AAPT
Executive Board. Jill A. Marshall began her term as AAPT
President at the conclusion of the 2012 Winter Meeting.
The meeting concluded with attendees greatly enriched
by the talks on a wide variety of topics, the discussions
shared, and the active participation.
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