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2012 Annual Report
Workshop for New Physics and Astronomy Faculty
June 25-28, 2012
AAPT, in conjunction with the American Astronomical
Society (AAS) and the American Physical Society (APS),
held a summer workshop for new physics and astronomy
faculty members at the American Center for Physics. This
workshop helped nearly 100 new faculty understand how
students learn physics and astronomy, and suggested how this
information can impact a new professor’s teaching methods.
The workshop is intended for faculty in the first few years of
their initial tenure-track appointment at a four-year college
or university.
Department chairs at research and four-year institutions
are asked to nominate tenure-track faculty. The ideal
candidate would have a year or two of teaching experience
and be aware of the challenges of the first year of teaching.
New Physics and Astronomy Faculty Reunion
Nov. 2-4, 2012
AAPT and APS hosted a Nov. 2-4, 2012 Reunion Workshop for
“alumni” of the Physics and Astronomy New Faculty Workshops for
the years 1996-2009. The goals of the reunion meeting were (1) to
help participants recharge their teaching with the latest ideas from the
fields of physics and astronomy education research and curriculum
development, (2) to share your teaching experiences with your peers
and the workshop leaders, and ( 3) to give feedback to the workshop
leadership team to help improve the Physics and Astronomy New Faculty Workshops.
The New Physics and Astronomy Workshop program was funded by grants # DUE-0813481,
DUE-0121384, and DUE-9554738 from the National Science Foundation. Read more online at:
Physics Teacher Resource Agents (AAPT/PTRA) Program
At the 2012 Summer Meeting, AAPT announced a new PTRA initiative in
response to the proposed Next Generation Science Standards. The AAPT
Executive Board asked Karen Jo Matsler to serve as Director for the
first three years of the program. The association celebrated the long and
proud heritage of AAPT/PTRA and ushered in the new program that will
continue to support physics teaching. Seven workshops were held during
the AAPT 2012 Summer Meeting.
AAPT maintains a nationwide cadre of more than 150 accomplished
high school teacher-leaders who are trained and continually involved in
professional development. These teacher-leaders are certified as PTRAs
by AAPT to lead workshops throughout the country.
Read more online at:
Workshops and Programs
2012 PTRA Committee
Program Director: Karen Jo Matsler
Oversight Committee:
Pat Callahan
John Roeder
Deb Roudebush
Elaine Gwinn
Lillian McDermott
Keith Clay
Steve Shropshire
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