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2012 Annual Report
2012 United States Physics Team
Twenty students from across the U.S. emerged through a rigorous exam
process that began in January with approximately 4,000 students who
participated in the Fnet=ma exam to become the 2012 U.S. Physics Team
). These students continued to
train at a 10-day Training Camp for the mentally grueling exams and lab
tests they faced at the 43rd International Physics Olympiad, held July 15 to
24 in Estonia. Read more at:
U.S. Team Members
Arka Adhikari, Princeton Junction, NJ; Jeffrey Cai, Basking Ridge, NJ: Shi
Fan Chen, Exeter, NH; Fengning Ding, Andover, MA; Suhail Farooqui,
Sacramento, CA; Felipe Hernandez, Natchitoches, LA; Peter Lu, Aurora,
IL; Preetum Nakkiran, Redmond, WA; Samuel Nicoll, Alexandria, VA;
Jason Qu, La Jolla, CA; Allan Sadun, Austin, TX; Eric Schneider, Lincroft,
NJ; Sadik Shahidain, Princeton, NJ; Lawrence Sun, Portland, OR; Brian
Wai, Saratoga, CA; Michael Wells, Weston, MA; Jeffrey Yan, Palo Alto, CA;
Vickie Ye, Irvine, CA; Xue Zhang, Edina, MN; Kevin Zhou, Lincroft, NJ
Academic Director:
Paul Stanley
Academic Coaches:
Jia Jia Dong, Jason Larue, Quize Li, and Andrew Linn
Assistant Coach:
Mariana Mao
AAPT Physics Bowl
This year there were almost 4500 students participating from approximately 225 schools across the United States and
Canada as well as a school in China. Michael C. Faleski served as the PhysicsBowl Academic Coordinator.
Read more at:
2012 Top 10 Overall Winners
# Score Student, School, City, State
1 38
Lisa F. Kong, Homeschool, Lititz, PA
2 37
William Yu, Olympia Institute, San Francisco, CA
3 35
Jeffrey P.Lai, Millburn HS, Millburn, NJ
4 35
Henry Wu, Univ. of Toronto Schools, Toronto, ON
5 34
Prem Q.Nair, Monta Vista HS, Cupertino, CA
6 34
Mai Hua, Gao Xin No. 1 HS, Xi’an, China
7 34
Zihang Fu, Gao Xin No. 1 HS, Xi’an, China
8 34
Sunny Nahar, Bensalem HS, Bensalem, PA
9 33
David H. Kim, Great Neck South HS, Great Neck, NY
10 33
Bhaskaran V. Balaji, Unionville High School, Kennett Square, PA
PhysicsBowl Advisory Board
Michael Bush, Beverly Trina Cannon, Michael C. Faleski, Andrzej Sokolowski, and Courtney Willis
The traveling team, from left to right, Eric Scchneider, Allan Sadun,
Jeffrey Yan, Jeffey Cai, and Kevin Zhou brought home three gold
medals, two silver medals, and a special prize for the Best Solution
of the Theoretical.
Physics Bowl Sponsors
Arbor Scientific
Cambridge University Press
Pasco Scientific
Frey Scientific
Vernier Software & Technology
Texas Instruments
Princeton University Press
John Wiley & Sons
Educational Innovations, Inc
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