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Yishun Dong

Columbus, OH

Upper Arlington High School

Grade: Senior


Hobbies Soccer, basketball, exercising, solving math, physics and computer programming problems


Soccer club, math club, physics club, optimist basketball


U.S. Physics Team member 2008-2009; USAMO 2008-2009; OSU Rasor-bareis math competition 1st place and some other state level math, science and engineering contests.


This is my second time being qualified for the U.S. physics team. Some of my biography information can be found from my previous one. But still, I think there were couple notable things that happened this year were worth of mention here.

My senior year had been occupied with several subjects, those include both academic and non-academic ones. Due to some reason, I just started computer science this year, which I regarded as being rather late compare to many programming-genius. I wasn't really good at knowing all the computer systems, but still I'm extremely interested in finding slick algorithm to solve difficult math problems with the idea of computer science behind it. By the influence of my Computer Science teacher, I started solving problems on a website called Project Euler. The problems started with rather easy ones, but after a certain number of problems, they get significantly harder. Because of that, I enjoyed it a lot, and after several weeks, I managed to solve more than half of all the problems there. Aside of my newly grown interest in Computer Science, I've kept studying math and physics as I've used to for many years. I was able to go to Ohio State University to take some math classes there this year. I took the elementary analysis series, which dealt with calculus and vector calculus in a more rigorous way. They're very interesting and challenging sometimes. I also studied some other college maths on my own from time to time, as well as those math competitions that I've been involved for years. Even though those college maths and olympiad maths are rather different somehow, I still think it's a joyful thing to play around in both areas. For physics, I'm not formally taking any physics class this year. But still, I worked on physics problems whenever I have time. Sometimes before I went to bed, I would read couple pages of Feynman's lectures on physics (which I got from the camp last year) and write out several equations, just so I can fall into dreams with all the wonderful physics equations. Other than those rather math-related subjects, I'm also taking some other social study courses, as well as AP biology at school, they helped me diversify myself little bit.

While non-academically, I participated in some activities at school, mainly in sports. I played at an OSU intramural soccer club with my friends. Due to my post-secondary student status at OSU, I can now participate in their intramural games "legitimately." We did manage to get into the playoffs for both autumn and winter quarters. But we didn't get any further than the first round of playoffs. However, in basketball, my team was little bit luckier. We managed to get into the second round of the playoffs, which I think is a pretty good ending for the season.

Time passes so fast that I didn't even realize it's already the time for recruiting the new team members until I receive this invitation today. This invitation again reminds me all those wonderful time I spent last year at the camp. I can still clearly remember how my every single day of the camp last year was spent. The problems we solved and the labs we did were just fascinating. They were hard, yet interesting. More importantly, many of those people I met during the camp had became my best friends now. This makes me even more excited this time. I'm really looking forward to meeting with both those old friends and new friends.

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