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Brian Kong

Milton, MA

Milton Academy

Grade: Sophomore


reading, web browsing (especially wikipedia), drawing, playing with computer(programming, etc.)


Math Club, Science Magazine, etc.


2008 US Physics Team, AMC, AIME, and some other competitions in Korea


I was born in America, but mostly grew up in Korea, before coming to Milton Academy, a boarding school in Milton, MA. This is my second year at Milton. Ever since I was young, I was interested in math and how things worked. But strangely at the time, I did not really like the science that was being taught at school. All of this changed, when I first encountered a physics textbook in 7th grade. I began to see how interconnected math and science were. I was amazed how the world could actually be described in a very orderly and mathematical language. And this also made me appreciate math and its power of abstraction even more. Ever since I have been very passionate about physics. I like physics that explains things I experience daily. I am also fascinated by more abstract and counterintuitive branches of physics.

Besides physics and math I've always liked to sit back relax while thinking and imagining. Thinking about physics and how it relates to the world can get quite philosophical. These things makes me confused all the time but they are fascinating and it is sometimes even enjoyable to be confused.

I enjoy reading both books and websites, especially nonfiction. I enjoy getting to know more about virtually any non-trivial things. That's why I like wikipedia so much. Starting with an article and reading more and more by following the related article links has been one of my favorite hobbies. I especially like reading about the small details in history and imagining what life back then might have been like. For example I like looking at historical maps. It gives you a far more extensive sense of the past then descriptions of major events that you can find in history textbooks. I also like architecture and listening to various types of music in my free time.

I greatly enjoyed the experience with the physics team last year. And I am looking forward to the camp this year.

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