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Photo of Kevin Lang

Kevin Lang

Charlotte, NC

Myers Park High School

Grade: Senior


Swimming, basketball, skiing, backpacking


Varsity swim team, Boy Scouts, Math team


National Honor Society, MathCounts, USAMO, ARML, 2008 US Physics Team


I am a senior at Myers Park HS in Charlotte, North Carolina. I live here with my family including my twin brother, my little sister, the dog we rescued from Hurricane Katrina, a hyperactive cat, and a geriatric 13 year old goldfish.

I have always excelled in math and science at school. I began competing in math contests in the sixth grade. Like most of the physics students in this competition, I have done well in MathCounts, ARML and USAMO.

My first physics class was in my sophomore year. Before that, I would not have been able to tell you a single concept or equation related to physics. In the past three years however, physics has really clicked with me. Last year was the first time I competed in any physics competition, and I was thrilled when I found out I made the team. I had a great time at the camp, and I really enjoyed studying physics with some really bright students from all over the country.

Outside of school, I dedicate much of my time to competitive swimming. Three years ago I joined a year round swim team and also compete at the varsity level at school. I enjoy playing basketball in my free time. I am a Boy Scout and I earned my Eagle Scout rank last October. I've backpacked 90 miles at Philmont (google it), hiked into the Grand Canyon, and sailed the British Virgin Islands. In addition to this, I lifeguard when I can, and I plan on being an assistant swim coach this summer.

I am looking forward to Physics camp, and I hope that it will just as fun this year as it was last year. I would like to acknowledge my physics teacher, Ms. Lauren Brown. She is enthusiastic and passionate about teaching physics. She encouraged me from day one that the US Physics Team was a reachable goal.

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