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Patricia Li

San Jose, CA

Lynbrook High School

Grade: Senior


Juggling, cubing, singing, and steak (it's so good it's like a hobby)


Math Honor Society, Science Club


USAMO 2006-9, USNCO 2008-9 qualifier, USABO 2008-9 semifinalist


I was born in Colorado, moved to New York and then to California, where I've lived for almost all my life. I got my start with Mathcounts in 6th grade and originally thought that nothing else would hold my interest when I grew up and became a big girl. Apparently, this has not been the case. My AP Chemistry class in 10th grade introduced me to an interesting area of science that wasn't math, and it turned out to be a lot of fun. I took the local Chemistry Olympiad exam at the end of that year, qualifying for the national exam.

During the fall of my junior year, I decided that it might be a good idea to learn physics-to self-study it, to be exact. Around that time, I took the USA Physics Olympiad, somehow qualifying for the semifinal exam, and it was slightly somewhat partly mostly completely way over my head, which was only a bit discouraging. This year, though, physics somehow got a lot more interesting. Maybe it's the lack of stress, or maybe it is the wisdom that comes only with age, young grasshopper. Whatever it is, I'm extremely eager to spend two weeks learning more (and meeting all of you)!

Apart from that, I use Dvorak, hyphenate "Vice-President," and will do my best to make you do these things, too. Be warned!

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