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Jenny Lu

Southbury, CT

Pomperaug High School

Grade: Junior


Piano, reading, listening to music, travelling


Debate Team, Math Team


2008 International Chemistry Olympiad Bronze Medal, 2008 USNCO Finalist (top 20), USAMO, AIME, USAMTS Gold Medal, AP Scholar with Distinction, Connecticut Debate Association 1st place varsity team and 2nd place varsity speaker, 2005 Danbury Symphony Orchestra Student Concerto Competition Winner, 2006 CSMTA Concerto Competition Junior Division 2nd Place, 2007 MTNA Junior Division Piano Competition State Winner and Eastern Division 3rd Place


I live in Southbury, CT, which is, like many of the towns nearby, in the middle of the temperate deciduous forest. Despite all the grumbling about the winter ice and the humid and hot summers, I still like the Northeast because I get four seasons every year.

My interest in math and science began with the local Mathcounts in eighth grade, although I spent most of my time attending piano competitions up until I entered high school. I love listening to classical music, especially Chopin and Rachmaninoff, and I enjoy performing and playing it just as much.

During my freshman and sophomore years I became really interested in chemistry, and I took Honors Chem in 9th grade and AP Chem in 10th. I learned it well enough to make it to the USNCO Team in my sophomore year. The chemistry study camp was my first big travel experience apart from my family, and I had a blast. I was also surprised to be selected as part of the 4-member traveling team to go to Budapest, Hungary.

I started to learn physics in my sophomore year in Honors Physics, and this year I took the AP Physics C class. I decided to participate in the Olympiad to deepen my physics knowledge (just as IChO had done for my chemistry skills) and also as a way to prepare for the AP exam in May. During the year, I've really come to enjoy physics because it's so neat-there are so many relationships and correlations between what seem to be two completely different physics topics. I'm really excited to have made it to the team, and I look forward to meeting everyone at camp!

In my free time, I'm usually found listening to my iPod-my constant companion-whether the music is classical or pop. I also try to catch the most recent manga chapter or the latest House episode. I enjoy leisurely practicing old piano pieces and learning new ones, unless my first-grade little sister is on the piano keys.

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