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Anand Natarajan

Traveling Team

San Jose, CA

The Harker School

Grade: Senior


Reading (especially random trivia on Wikipedia), classical music (Western and Indian), linguistics


Quiz Bowl, Science Bowl, World Language Club, Math Club


USAMO qualifier, Intel STS semifinalist, Siemens AP Award, International Linguistics Olympiad silver medal, USACO, JETS, Wonderfest, Member of SET, Davidson Young Scholar


I was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1993 (or so reliable witnesses tell me) and I've lived in far too many states since then. In fact, I've lived in all of the time zones of the continental US at least once. I developed my unhealthy addiction to reading at the age of four and I have had a knack for picking up random facts ever since. I discovered that I was good at math in first grade, when my math teacher arranged to have me placed in a higher math class, which eventually led to my taking algebra in the summer after third grade. Along the way, I also skipped two grades (4th and 6th), and I ended up taking AP Calculus BC in ninth grade. I've also taken multivariable calculus and differential equations, and this year I am taking a course in "college geometry," which is basically focused on solving interesting Euclidean geometry problems.

I first got interested in physics when I read Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time in first grade. I was really attracted by the idea of simple laws of physics being able to describe vast and complicated systems, like the Universe. Since then, I've read many of Feynman's works, including parts of his Lectures on Physics. I was also fortunate enough to attend a lecture by Professor Hawking a few years ago and even ate dinner in the same room as him. I have taken several physics courses, starting with the EPGY (distance learning from Stanford) AP Physics B course when I was in middle school. In high school, I took both of the AP physics courses and exams. My favorite area in physics has always been theoretical physics and cosmology, because it deals with nature on such a grand scale. I qualified to the physics team last year, and I really enjoyed the camp experience. I'm very excited (and not a little surprised) that I'll be coming back to camp again this year.

Apart from physics and math, I am also interested in linguistics. I got a silver medal at the International Linguistics Olympiad last year, and I enjoy reading obscure linguistics books and papers in my spare time. I also put my love of random trivia to use as captain of my school's quiz bowl and science bowl teams.

In conclusion, I look forward to meeting you all at physics camp, and learning a lot of interesting physics!

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