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Photo of Thomas Schultz

Thomas Schultz

Boston, MA

Boston University Academy

Grade: Junior


Sports, Super Smash Brothers Melee, Rubik's Cube, Computer Programming (Haskell and Java), Drumming


Varsity Soccer Team, Ultimate Frisbee Team, Robotics Team, Science Team, Peer Tutoring


US Physics Team 2008, ISSYP 2008, 2008 Department Prize in Mathematics 2008, 2007 Department Prize in Physics, National Greek Exam Merit Ribbon 2008, 2007


Two of the most influential academic experiences of my life have been being a member of the US Physics Team and attending the ISSYP (international Summer School for Young Physicists). I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to be on the team again this year. Last year’s experiences were some of the most intellectually stimulating and intense work I’ve encountered. It is exciting to learn new concepts in math and physics, especially when they lead to an unexpected result, contradict longstanding assumptions, or reveal order across unrelated domains – even more so when I learn alongside other people who share my passions. What have I have been up to since last year? I worked in the Advanced Materials Process Control Laboratory at Boston University measuring and analyzing nanofiber data, took Chaotic Dynamical Systems as well as Modern Physics at BU, and started teaching myself computer programming (partially through solving problems at projectEuler). There’s more information about me in my bio from last year. Looking forward to seeing everyone in May!

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