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2011 AAPT Summer Meeting
July 30-August 3, 2011
Omaha, Nebraska

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Comparison of an Inquiry-based Algebra-based Course to Traditional Teaching
  Location: HC 3023 & 3023A
  Date: Monday, Aug.1
  Time: 9:40 AM -9:50 AM
  Author: Mahmoud Yaqoub, Texas Tech University
  Co-Author(s): Beth Thacker , Keith West , Mark Ellermann , Jake Schwierking
  Abstract: We present data comparing an inquiry-based, algebra-based introductory physics course to courses taught traditionally and by interactive engagement. The inquiry-based course was taught in a hands-on, laboratory-based classroom. It was taught without a text, using materials developed explicitly for the algebra-based population, supported by two NSF grants.(1) We present data both from conceptual inventories and written pre- and post-tests administered to all of the classes.
  Footnotes: (1)arXiv:physics/0702247v1 supported by CCLI #9981031 and CCLI-EMD #0088780. This project is supported by the NIH grant 5RC1GM090897-02. Sponsored by Beth Thacker.
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