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2011 AAPT Summer Meeting
July 30-August 3, 2011
Omaha, Nebraska

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Turning Quantum Mechanics Course Notes into Tutorials
  Location: SS Ballroom ABC
  Date: Monday, Aug.1
  Time: 9:00 AM -9:30 AM
  Author: Todd Timberlake, Berry College
(706) 368-5622,
  Co-Author(s): None
  Abstract: Efforts have been under way for many years to introduce active engagement strategies in the teaching of introductory physics. More recently there have been attempts to expand the use of active engagement into upper-division physics courses. In this talk I will discuss my efforts to employ active engagement in an upper-level quantum mechanics course, using a series of tutorial activities covering many of the standard topics in quantum mechanics. I will discuss some of the challenges of using active engagement to teach quantum mechanics, as well as my process for creating the tutorials, most of which were simply adapted from the derivations and sample problems that I had previously presented in lecture format. In addition, I will comment on the overall success of this approach, mention some topics for which I still make use of traditional lecture, and share the reactions of my students to the tutorials and the class as a whole. The tutorials (in pdf and LaTeX format) can be found at
  Footnotes: None
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