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July 30-August 3, 2011
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Expanding LON-CAPA Homework Sets to Include Student-Generated Graphs
  Location: HC 3029
  Date: Monday, Aug.1
  Time: 7:00 PM -7:10 PM
  Author: James Laverty, Michigan State University
  Co-Author(s): Gerd Kortemeyer
  Abstract: The ability to work with graphs is a necessary skill in all of the sciences, yet students still struggle with it. Previous graph-related problems in LON-CAPA ( required students to pick the correct graph from a set of graphs or infer data from a given graph. Data gathered from the Test of Understanding Graphics -- Kinematics (TUG-K) confirms that these problem types only minimally improve representation translation skills. A new problem type has been developed in LON-CAPA that allows students to construct (draw) graphs for themselves, in response to a given textual (or formulaic) description. These graphs are then checked by the server, which determines whether or not the student submitted graph is correct or incorrect. We present some preliminary experiences with this new problem type, while a study is under way to test the effectiveness of this approach.
  Footnotes: None
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