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The Haunted Physics Lab at Creighton University
  Location: SS Ballroom F
  Date: Monday, Aug.1
  Time: 6:40 PM -6:50 PM
  Author: Thomas Zepf, Creighton University
  Co-Author(s): None
  Abstract: For over 25 years at Creighton University, "Dr. Zepf's Haunted Physics Lab" has been a popular outreach attraction for teaching basic principles of physics to students and the general public. Currently it is an annual Physics Club project at Creighton University during the Halloween season. In 2004 an article* about it in TPT generated wide interest. Today, applications of the haunted lab theme for teaching science are widespread both in this country and abroad. In this presentation one of the exhibits in Dr. Zepf's Haunted Physics Lab will be explained and a video of it that was made during an actual session will be shown. Watch as visitors are greeted by a seemingly bodiless "Department Head." It talks. It answers questions. It's alive!
  Footnotes: *Thomas H. Zepf, ?The Haunted Physics Lab,? Phys. Teach. 42, 404 (Oct. 2004).
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