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A Project-based Curriculum in Energy Studies
  Location: SS Ballroom F
  Date: Monday, Aug.1
  Time: 7:40 PM -7:50 PM
  Author: Theresa Edmonds
Creighton University Energy Studies Program
  Co-Author(s): Jay Leighter , Gina Merys , Michael Cherney
  Abstract: A new program in Energy Studies at Creighton University recently welcomed its first students. This STEM program addresses energy issues from an interdisciplinary perspective. The new bachelor of science curriculum develops applied scientists with communications skills, knowledge of public policy, law, and the human factors relevant for implementing their work. In addition to a strong emphasis on problem solving, the program seeks to instill life-long learning skills, augment team work talents, reward innovation, and enhance communication abilities. The project-based curriculum works to tailor the experience to the student. Students are asked to identify what they want from a particular learning experience and to establish expectations. Projects are formulated so that students are required to work on the areas where they need development. Projects are structured to involve active participation of the students. Students are expected periodically to reflect on their work and follow up appropriately. A BA program is also offered.
  Footnotes: This work is supported by the United States Department of Energy. Sponsored by Michael Cherney.
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