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A New Multimedia Resource for Teaching Quantum Mechanics Concepts
  Location: HC 3028
  Date: Monday, Aug.1
  Time: 7:10 PM -7:20 PM
  Author: Antje Kohnle, University of St Andrews
0044 1334 463195,
  Co-Author(s): Donatella Cassettari , Tom Edwards , Callum Ferguson , Alastair Gillies
  Abstract: Since 2009, we have been developing and evaluating visualizations and animations for the teaching of quantum mechanics concepts [Kohnle et al., Eur J Phys, 31 6 (2010) 1441]. This new resource builds on existing education research as well as our lecturing experience, and aims to specifically target student misconceptions and areas of difficulty in quantum mechanics. Each animation includes a step-by-step exploration that explains key points in detail. Animations and instructor resources are freely available at, and can be played or downloaded from this site. Animations have been used and evaluated in several quantum mechanics courses. Recent work includes extending the range of topics and levels of the animations, and a study of students' interactions with a previously unseen animation, aiming to test whether interface and content make sense, and whether the animations encourage interaction and exploration. Results of this work will be used to optimize the animations.
  Footnotes: Further authors: Christopher Hooley, Natalia Korolkova, Joseph Llama and Bruce Sinclair, University of St Andrews
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