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Assessing Reflective Practice through Learning Assistant Reflections
  Location: SS 104
  Date: Tuesday, Aug.2
  Time: 8:50 AM -9:00 AM
  Author: Geraldine Cochran, Florida International University
  Co-Author(s): Laird H. Kramer , Eric Brewe
  Abstract: We have analyzed reflections from our chemistry, mathematics, and physics undergraduate learning assistants (LAs) seminar to examine their development of reflective teaching practices. One goal of Florida International University's (FIU) LA seminar is to help our participants develop as reflective practitioners. We endeavor to reach this goal by means of classroom activities, classroom discussion, and reflective homework assignments. Weekly reflective papers on course readings and teaching experiences are assigned to help our students reach higher levels of reflection. To assess our Las' level of reflection, we analyzed reflections using Hatton and Smith's (1995) [1] "criteria for the recognition of evidence for different types of reflective writing." The three discipline-based LA programs at FIU utilizing the LA seminar are structurally different and include different kinds of teaching experiences. Thus, we have also investigated whether or not participation in the various programs may result in different levels of reflection for the Las.
  Footnotes: [1] Hatton, N. & Smith, D. (1995). Reflection in teacher education: towards definition and implementation. Teaching and Teacher Education 11, 33-49. Work supported by PhysTEC and NSF PHY-0802184
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