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Graduate Students' Perceptions of Scientific Collaborations after Researching in China
  Location: HC 3040
  Date: Tuesday, Aug.2
  Time: 9:10 AM -9:20 AM
  Author: Anne Collins, University of California, Santa Barbara
  Co-Author(s): Anne E. Emerson , Danielle B Harlow , Julie A Bianchini
  Abstract: Scientific practice is increasingly a collaborative endeavor, especially as the world becomes more global (Katsouyanni, 2008). While research thrives on scientific partnerships, few studies look beyond publication counts and, instead, investigate what constitutes such an alliance (Lee & Bozeman, 2005). Although publications certainly motivate collaboration, studies that measure collaborative networks solely by counting publications are limited since they do not provide a comprehensive picture of the collaborative process. With this in mind, we examined U.S. and Chinese graduate students' motivations and perceptions of collaboration as a result of participation in a research-abroad program in the fields of electron chemistry, catalysis, and electron microscopy. Our findings provide insight into what motivates science partnerships and the features of successful collaborations. Our study has implications for those looking to develop and foster international collaborations.
  Footnotes: Katsouyanni, K. (2008). Collaborative research: accomplishments and potential. Environmental Health, 7(3), 1-7. Lee, S. & Bozeman, B. (2005). The impact of research collaboration on scientific productivity. Social Studies of Science, 35(5), 673‐702.
Sponsored by Danielle B. Harlow
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