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The Double Compound Pendulum
  Location: KFC Courts
  Date: Monday, Aug.1
  Time: 8:00 PM -8:45 PM
  Author: Joel Berlinghieri, The Citadel
843 953 6942,
  Co-Author(s): Erik T. Pratt , Erik Rooman
  Abstract: The double compound pendulum consists of two arms usually of uniform mass per unit length. The upper arm is attached to a rigid pivot by a frictionless bearing. One end of the lower arm is attached to the bottom end of the upper arm by a frictionless bearing. The bearings in our case are PASCO rotation sensors with the lower sensor using a Bluetooth wireless connection. DataStudio is used to record the initial angles and angular velocities and the subsequent angles, angular velocities, and angular accelerations of both arms. The motion of the arms is very sensitive to the initial conditions and is often chaotic. There are ranges of initial settings in which the lower arm will eventually flip over the top of its pivot. The motion is compared to models through numerical solutions. This experiment* is performed as part of the junior-level classical mechanics and numerical methods courses.
  Footnotes: *Physics Laboratory Manual for Scientists and Engineers, Joel C. Berlinghieri, Tavenner Publishing Co., 2011, ISBN 978-1-930208-35-3
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