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PhET: An Expanding Resource of Free Online Interactive Simulations
  Location: KFC Courts
  Date: Tuesday, Aug.2
  Time: 5:15 PM -6:00 PM
  Author: Noah Podolefsky, University of Colorado at Boulder
  Co-Author(s): Noah S. Podolefsky , Katherine K Perkins , PhET Team
  Abstract: The PhET Interactive Simulations project is expanding in new directions. We are building new connections to our teacher-user community -- get the latest news by following our new blog, joining us on Facebook, or receiving Twitter updates. We're also making sims for middle school science -- adapting existing sims, creating new ones, and partnering with teachers to investigate their use in classrooms. We now have more than 100 simulations of physical phenomena that create animated, interactive, game-like environments in which students learn through scientist-like exploration. Our simulations emphasize the connections between real-life phenomena and the underlying science, make the invisible visible, and include the visual models used by expert scientists. New sims include: Gravity and Orbits, Capacitor Lab, Density, Buoyancy, Bending Light, Fluid Pressure and Flow, and Resonance Lab, along with a growing collection of chemistry simulations. Visit
  Footnotes: The PhET Project is funded by the Hewlett Foundation, NSF CCLI Grant #0817582, NSF DRK12 Grant #1020362, the O?Donnell Foundation, JILA, and University of Colorado at Boulder.
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