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Field-line to Build the Formal Thinking in Induction Law
  Location: TBA
  Date: Sunday, Jul.31
  Time: 8:00 PM -10:00 PM
  Author: Marisa Michelini
Research Unit in Physics Education of the University of Udine
  Co-Author(s): Lorenzo Santi , Alberto Stefanel , Stefano Vercellati , ,
  Abstract: Electromagnetism has its own cognitive basis in phenomenology whose presentation, often fragmentary to highlight the variables involved, has its own interpretation in complex formal expressions. This is the case of electromagnetic induction, when it's proposed as fruitful exploration of variables (field, surface, relative orientation during time) while the conditions in which one experiences an induced current in a coil are identified. Some conceptual knots, like the meaning of the sign of the induced electromotive force, remain unresolved. Waiver is also to the building of the angle of formal reading which gives meaning to the properties of the phenomena. The magnetic field flux, its constancy in a flow pipe, and the physical meaning of its variation take in the most deep differences between the magnetic and electric case, establishing the inseparability of the poles and the nature of the closed lines for zero divergence field. The experimentation of an educational proposal based on the representation of field lines as interpretative reference, shows that it's possible to produce learning outcomes that are held strongly related the descriptive and interpretive plans.
  Footnotes: None
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