AAPT.org - American Association of Physics Teachers

What's New on AAPT.org

Nearly a year in the making, the new look and feel of AAPT.org is designed to make the website more accessible and user-friendly overall. We hope that you enjoy the change and continue to give us feedback on what does and what doesn't work.


We worked carefully to create an updated, clean look to the website. Retaining some old color schemes and implementing new text styles and spacing, we tried to make the site look friendly and inviting. Most importantly, the text and content is easier to look at with larger font sizes and more white space. Readability was a key goal of the redesign


Navigation-particularly functionality, but also the layout-was a key problem with past designs. Wording was not straight-forward and visitors weren't sure where to go for particular pieces of information. We kept some of the naming that we felt worked, but also dropped and moved content around to make more sense. We hope it makes more sense to you. In the process, some "link rot" may have occurred. We feel we've made up for this by providing a far easier navigation that allows you to return to the content you were trying to find. We've also provided redirects from old links that we felt were crucial (and that many people used to link to AAPT.org)

What's next?

Better functionality, improvements in usability, more content, and continual work on legacy systems to make sure they are up to speed. Nearly immediately we will also begin work on making the registration (for events and membership) process more user-friendly and have the same look and feel as the rest of the site. Please drop us a line with suggestions, issues, or concerns. We're always open to new ideas.