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July 26–30, 2014
AAPT Exhibitor Information
AAPT Journals
Booth #207
One Physics Ellipse
College Park, MD 20740
Drop by for information on how you can
become part of the AAPT Publications pro-
gram. Learn why you should submit articles
for publication, consider becoming a reviewer,
and make sure your physics department
subscribes to the
American Journal of Physics
The Physics Teacher
. It is rumored that
it may be possible to catch up with journal
editors and other members of the Publications
Committee during your visit. If you are an
online-only member, you’ll get a chance to see
the print copies and reconsider your choice.
If you aren’t yet an AAPT member, we will do
our best to help you decide which option is
best for you.
American Association of
Physics Teachers
Booths #201, 203, 205
One Physics Ellipse
College Park, MD 20740
Welcome to Minneapolis! Stop by the AAPT
booth and spin the wheel for your chance to
win some awesome prizes! We will have plenty
of resources available to meet the needs of
everyone from early career professionals to the
more seasoned attendee. Check out the latest
and greatest items fromThe Physics Store
catalog including publications, AAPT-branded
merchandise, especially our new t-shirts, and
as always, a limited collection of Member-On-
ly items. Items will be available for purchase
at the booth, many at a tremendous savings.
Lastly, do not forget to pick up your ticket for
the Great Book Giveaway!
American 3B Scientific
Booth #308
2189 Flintstone Drive, Unit 0
Tucker, GA 30084
Visit 3B Scientific’s booth #308 for innovative
physics products designed to inspire students,
release their creative spirits, and challenge
their critical thinking skills. Come check out
our STEM focused experiments, alternative
energy products, and 3B’s unrivaled line of
Teltron® electron tubes and atomic spin reso-
nance devices. Go one step further... and find
what you’re looking for!
Arbor Scientific
Booth #302
P.O. Box 2750
Ann Arbor, MI 48106
Arbor Scientific shares the same passion for
physics as you, and has for over 25 years. We
love finding all the gadgets, lab equipment,
and toys that will help you get your students
excited about learning physics. Whether
you’re a veteran educator or just starting out
as a science teacher, we have loads of cool
tools to help you feel confident in what you’re
CAEN Technologies, Inc.
Booth #309
1140 Bay St., Suite 2C
Staten Island, NY 10305
The CAEN Educational Kit is a modular,
digital, flexible platform for teaching the
fundamentals of Statistics and Particle Detec-
tions. Based on Silicon Photomultipliers and
Digital Pulse Processing, it makes available
the most advanced detection techniques avail-
able nowadays. An ultra fast LED Driver, a
Scintillating Tile and a Spectrometer allow for
multidisciplinar lab experiences presented in
dedicated Educational Notes.
CourseWeaver Corp.
Booth #412
325 East Grand River Ave., Suite 355
East Lansing, MI 48823
CourseWeaver, a provider of innovative learn-
ing solutions, delivers a next-generation LMS/
CMS/LCMS including a homework/testing
solution that pairs easy start class templates
and embedded textbook materials from major
publishers with a powerful tool set for K-12
and university educators. It features the most
advanced physics/math engine, with revolu-
tionary student and content metrics.
eScience Labs
Booth #311
1500 W. Hampden
Sheridan, CO 80110
eScience Labs LLC. provides complete and
comprehensive hands-on science kits to sup-
port online and traditional courses in need
of a laboratory solution. These are the same
experiments you would find in a traditional
academic lab, but designed and scaled to be
performed by students anytime, anywhere.
Written by PhD-level educators and scientists,
our labs compliment any teaching style or
Health Physics Society
Booth #210
1313 Dolley Madison Blvd., Suite 402
McLean, VA 22101
The Health Physics Society (HPS), formed in
1956, is a scientific organization of profession-
als who specialize in radiation safety. Through
the Society’s Science Support Committee,
we provide outreach and support to science
teachers through information, collaboration,
resources, and tools at little or no cost to the
Interactive Video Vignettes
Booth #214
2120 Carlson Hall at RIT 54 Lomb Memorial Dr.
Rochester, NY 14623
NSF-supported projects at RIT, Dickinson
College and Bethel University are bringing
new forms of active learning online! Come by
and find out how to use our interactive, web-
based activities in both introductory courses
and advanced labs. You can even make your
own by downloading free software from
Iowa Doppler Products
Booth #408
2201 Dubuque Road
Iowa City, IA 52244
Instructional tools for teaching wave theory
with ultrasound. Displayed will be demonstra-
tions of acousto-optics, grating and single
slit diffraction of ultrasound, a broadband
hydrophone, and measurement of the speed
of sound in liquids and solids. Bring a sample
of material and we will measure its elastic
properties for you.
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