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July 26–30, 2014
TEL-Atomic, Inc.
Booth #204
1223 Greenwood Ave.
Jackson, MI 49203
TEL-Atomic, Inc. provides advanced under-
graduate laboratory equipment to institutions
around the globe. We offer equipment to
explore atomic and nuclear physics, including
the TEL-X-Ometer, an x-ray diffractometer
which is used to determine the structure of
simple crystals. We also offer an affordable
Cavendish torsion balance for measuring the
gravitational constant. Please visit our Booth
to see these and other products.
The Expert TA
Booth #307
624 South Boston, Suite 220
Tulsa, OK 74119
The Expert TA is an online homework and tu-
torial system for introductory physics courses.
Expert TA’s proprietary math engine performs
partial credit grading of the most complex
problems. It analyzes the steps used to solve
equations, identifies detailed mistakes and
deducts the appropriate points. This method
allows instructors to accurately evaluate the
mastery of student knowledge and provides
students with consistent grading and quality
feedback on their work. Stop by Booth 401 for
a demonstration.
The Science Source
Booth #208
299 Atlantic Highway
Waldoboro, ME 04572
The Science Source is the Maine-based manu-
facturer enhancing science literacy by creating
and providing high-quality, high-value science
teaching materials. The Science Source is
featuring its Physics lines this year in AAPT
Booth 208, including new releases Digital Dis-
play unit and Laser Dynamic Glider System
for air tracks.
The Universe and More
37 Hill St. A1
Morristown, NJ 07960
Get your kids excited about physics! The Uni-
verse and More is your source for educational
games that are actually fun!
University of Minnesota
Booth #212
Twin Cities
Minneapolis, MN 55455
The University of Minnesota, one of the largest
public research universities in the country,
offers a multitude of certificate and degree pro-
grams, both on-campus and online, for educa-
tors of all levels. Programs range from study in
science and engineering to STEM education to
teaching a diverse student body to educational
policy and administration.
Vernier Software &
Technology, Inc.
Booths #301, 303
13979 SW Millikan Way
Beaverton, OR 97005
Vernier Software & Technology has been pro-
ducing data-collection hardware and software
for over 30 years. Stop by our booth to see
our LabQuest 2, the heart of our Connected
Science System, and our other great new
products. You can also enter to win your own
LabQuest 2.
W.H. Freeman & Co.
Booth #404
41 Madison Ave.
New York, NY 10010
W.H. Freeman, a Macmillan Education
company, works with instructors, authors, and
students to enhance the physics teaching and
learning experience. Visit us to learn more
about College Physics, smartPhysics, and other
innovative teaching tools. Booth #404. www.
Ward’s Science/Cenco
Booth #312
5100 West Henrietta Road, P.O. Box 92912
Rochester, NY 14692
Introducing the widest selection of hands-
on physics activities, curriculum-based kits,
and high-quality apparatus for beginner to
advanced level physics: 3X more activities and
apparatus than any other supplier—over 4,300
items with 120 new products! 24 standards-
aligned AP Physics Investigations CENCO
Physics products, now exclusively available
from Ward’s Science. Learn more at wardsci.
Booth #402
1791 Varsity Drive, Suite 200
Raleigh, NC 27606
WebAssign is your indispensable partner
in education. Providing exceptional online
homework and grading solutions since 1997,
WebAssign has been a vital part of the physics
community from its inception. Teachers have
easy access to precoded questions from every
major textbook and publisher, additional
question collections from leading physics
education researchers, customizable labs, and
free resources including direct-measurement
APS Education & Diversity
Location TBD
1 Physics Ellipse
College Park, MD
The American Physical Society has resources
for every physics educator! Faculty can learn
about APS education and diversity programs.
Teachers can register for our middle school
science adventure, adopt physicists for your
high school class, pick up free posters, and
much more.
University of Chicago Press
1. Vincent Icke,
Gravity Does Not Exist
2. James W. Cronin,
Fermi Remembered
3. Steven Vogel,
The Life of A Leaf
4. Allen Everett and Thomas Roman
Time Travel & Warp Drives
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