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Contests and Competitions

Students of physics and astronomy at the high school and/or university level are invited to actively participate in physics related programs and the development of materials contributing to physics instruction. AAPT is a proud sponsor the U.S. Physics Team to the International Physics Olympiad, Team America Rocketry Challenge, and Physics Day at Six Flags.  See the complete list of AAPT sponsored Contests and Competitions and entry/registration information.

Awards and Recognition Programs

The AAPT Awards Program recognizes and honors those physics and astronomy educators who have made highly significant contributions to the association, to physics education, and to physics research during the past year.  Nominations received by September 1 are considered for the following calendar year.  Awards are presented at the Summer and Winter Meetings. A complete list of the awards and nomination instructions is available on the AAPT Awards page.

Grants and Scholarships

AAPT offers a variety of grant opportunities for educators and scholarships for aspiring physics teacher including The AAPT Venture Fund, High School Physics Teacher Grant, Harold Q. & Charlotte Mae Fuller Fund, and The Frederick & Florence Bauder Endowment. The Barbara Lotze Scholarship for Future Physics Teachers helps undergraduate physics educators fund their education each year.

Check the Grants and Scholarships page for a complete list of the grants and scholarships, deadlines, and applications.

Collaborative Projects

AAPT sponsors or participates in many special projects designed to enhance the teaching of physics and astronomy. Many projects are funded in part by the National Science Foundation, as well as by partner organizations such as the American Physical Society, the American Institute of Physics and the Society of Physics Students. Details of the projects with which AAPT is currently involved are located here.

Ongoing Projects

New Faculty Programs

New Physics & Astronomy Faculty can take advantage of several programs, workshops, and conferences led by experienced educators. Read more about the AAPT New Faculty Programs.