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Harold and Charlotte FullerHarold Q. and Charlotte Mae Fuller Fund

This endowment fund was created to enhance the internationalization of AAPT membership and is intended to be beneficial to physics teachers in developing countries with nonconvertible currencies.

  • The countries eligible for funded memberships is taken from the World Bank list of Eligible Developing Countries for Scholarship and Fellowships Programs.  This decision was approved by the Membership and Benefits Committee. This list of countries from which nominees will be solicited will be periodically revised by the AAPT Membership and Benefits Committee based on this list.
  • Requests for nominations are directed to the Committee on International Education in Physics, international conference participants, and other appropriate individuals.  The deadline for nominations is May 31 of each year.
  • In June, the Awards Committee will select qualified individuals from the nominations received. The number of memberships to be awarded will be determined on the basis of the earnings of the Fuller Fund.
  • Selected individuals responding in a positive manner will have their full membership dues paid to receive online access to the American Journal of Physics, The Physics Teacher, and Physics Today for a period of two years.

Nomination forms should be emailed, faxed, or mailed to:

Fuller Fund Memberships
American Association of Physics Teachers
One Physics Ellipse
College Park, MD 20740-3845
Fax: (301) 209-0845

Email: eo@aapt.org

To request a paper copy of the nomination form, call (301) 209-3311, or email AAPT Executive Office.