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2016 High School Photo Contest Top 100 Gallery

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  • "Light Reflection of a Prism"

    Jonah L Aaronson

    Oakwood Secondary School

    Teacher: Phu Tranchi

  • "Snow Sheet"

    1st Place, Natural Category

    Jacques Abou-Rjeili

    Sleepy Hollow High School

    Teacher: Leila Madani

  • "Photoelasticity: Looking at Materials in a New Light"

    Jay Aindow

    Academy of Aerospace and Engineering

    Teacher: Michelle Bellinger

  • "LED Lights and a Marble"

    Andrea Alsgaard

    Holland Christian High School

    Teacher: Anna Boorsma

  • "Parabolic Motion at the Center of Mass"

    1st Place, Contrived Category

    Jacob Lev Amme

    Albany High School

    Teacher: Valerie Risk

  • "On the Light Track"

    Chad William Arle


    Teacher: Sara Kate May

  • "Rainbow in the Valley"

    Elizabeth Avila

    Glenbard North High School

    Teacher: Joesph Kulesza

  • "Piercing and Bending Colors"

    Ernie Baik

    North Toronto Collegiate Institute

    Teacher: Mark Kinoshita

  • "Tree Reflections"

    Oliver Burt Baldwin Edwards

    Evanston Township High School

    Teacher: Daniel DuBrow

  • "Cooper's Ghost"

    Cooper Chase Beaudet

    West Boca High School

    Teacher: Elizabeth Wenk

  • "Surface Tension"

    Bae Soo Bin

    Qingdao Galaxy International School

    Teacher: Xiujing Jin

  • "Point Me in the Right Direction"

    Honorable Mention, Contrived Category

    Anika Haimes Blitzstein

    Evanston Township High School

    Teacher: Daniel DuBrow

  • "Light Through The Forest"

    Jakob Blaisdell Bowiee

    Gray-New Gloucester High School

    Teacher: Michael Griffin

  • "Smokey Rays"

    Isabel Brady

    Albany High School

    Teacher: Valerie Risk

  • "Lightning: It’s Electric"

    Christine Elizabeth Cannon

    Minnetonka High School

    Teacher: Kimberly Hoehne

  • "COUPLE of LOVE"




  • "Apparent Depth"

    Tristan James Carney

    The Academy of Science and Entrepreneurship

    Teacher: Yamila Cancel

  • "Cardistry Spread"

    Kevin Mathew Castillo

    West Boca Raton Community High School

    Teacher: Elizabeth Wenk

  • "Good Morning City Island"

    Alexa Elizabeth Cestaro

    Mamaroneck High School

    Teacher: Elena Filippova

  • "Colors in a Sunset"

    Inakshi Chandra-Mohanty

    Avon High School

    Teacher: Gregory Dunford

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