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2010 "Why I Belong" Membership Video Contest Copyright Transfer/Entry Agreement Form & Rules


Submission Deadline:  November 15, 2010, Winners announced at 2011 Winter Meeting

Length of video: 1-5 minutes

Video Format: Electronic file; mov, avi, or wmv

Video Goal: Explain, in a clear and entertaining way, why you belong to AAPT.

The video itself should include the following:

  1. The name(s) and affiliation of the submitter.
  2. The category: University and Four Year College Faculty, Two Year College Faculty, High School Faculty, Pre-High School Teacher, or Student.
  3. All content, including music, must be original. The video must contain only original material


Each Judge will rate the video on each of the following criteria as (1) fair; (2) good; (3) very good; or (4) outstanding:
1. Relevance to Prospective Members (Does the video make someone want to join AAPT?)
2. Video Quality
3. Creativity 


The prize for each of the 5 categories will be a $100 gift certificate to the Physics Store.

Terms of Agreement

  1. The following items must be included in the entry.
    1. Electronic Video File (mov, avi, or wmv), 1-5 minutes in length on CD or DVD
    2. Signed Copyright Transfer/Entry Agreement Form.
  2. Addresses are used for sending prizes and congratulatory letters. Email addresses and phone numbers are used for notification of entry receipt and clarification of any problems. The information will NOT be sold, distributed, or otherwise used for marketing purposes.
  3. Entrant grants AAPT all rights to the video.
  4. Any submission which does not meet the criteria listed in the rules will not be considered.

Entry Agreement

I have read the rules and agree to all terms and conditions. I understand that if I omit or falsify information, or if I do not sign this form, I will not be eligible for this contest.

____________________________ ____________________________
Name                                                 Date

____________________________ _____________________________
Phone Number                                   Email

Mail Entry Agreement and Electronic Video File on CD or DVD to:

AAPT Membership Video Contest

One Physics Ellipse,

College Park, MD  20740

Address questions to mgardner@aapt.org