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Capturing a Laser by James Ryan Kronk

3rd Place - Contrived Category

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School: Pickerington High School North

Teacher: Doug Forrest

In this Contrived photo, a high-intensity laser is being shone into a bottle of tonic water at an angle. The result includes diffraction, reflection, and refraction. The entry point of the bottle serves as a prism due to its curvature and material (clear plastic). Because of this prism, a diffraction of the shades of blue can be seen. However, only the strongest shade is reflected on the inside and cannot escape. It is reflected on the inside because it has less energy than when the laser entered. This reflection is called total internal reflection due to its inability to escape. The bending of the laser is because of this as well (constantly bouncing off the edges to appear rounded. Lastly, refraction occurs when the laser passes through different materials as shown when it goes from the air to the tonic water.

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