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National Task Force on Undergraduate Physics

The report on project SPIN-UP (Strategic Programs for Innovations in Undergraduate Physics) is now available. You may choose to download the complete report, or download the report in sections. The report is also available as a printed, bound booklet in limited quantities; to order a free copy, please contact membership@aapt.org.

Complete report (PDF, 146 pgs.)

Report in Sections:
Table of Contents and Executive Summary (PDF, 4 pgs.)
Report (PDF, 53 pgs.)
Appendices (PDF, 85 pgs.)
Case Studies (PDF, 68 pgs.)
What is the purpose of the Task Force?
Who is sponsoring the Task Force?
Who is on the Task Force?
What do we mean by revitalization?
How has the environment for physics changed?
Why focus on undergraduate physics?
How soon should we expect to see results from the Task Force?
What is needed, and how do we know what works?
What does the Task Force plan to do?
What specific projects will the Task Force undertake?
What other activities might the Task Force consider?
How can I contact the Task Force?
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