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A letter to newbie nerds

Advice on how to get the most out of your college years.

Career success from volunteer success

It turns out that, first as a member and later as a leader of my SPS chapter, I got more than I bargained for. Sure, I had great conversations, and yes, I made lifelong bonds with several physics and math majors. I was surprised, though, to find that I had gained real-world skills applicable to every job I have ever had. Furthermore, my experience in SPS actually helped me to land these jobs.

Free Play for fun and profit

Physicists who adopt Free Play  into their schedules can receive excellent return on investment in terms of both refreshed creativity, and of actually encountering new information.

Job search strategies: It's not about you

Anticipating what potential employers want is an essential part of a successful job search.

Land that first job—now!

It's the Year of the Horse. Time to saddle up to prepare for your first job. And because the tactics for job seeking are universal, the following tips will help you whether you are looking for your first or thirty-first job.

Physical scientists can do anything: Here's how you start your career planning

Venturing outside the world of academic physics to look for a job is not as daunting as you might think.

Mistakes:  Don't make a career out of them

Prepare for the screw-ups you can control, and be ready to professionally handle the screw-ups you can't predict. Own your errors, acknowledge them, fix them, learn from them, and move on.

Networking: It's more than sharing meatballs

Career consultant Alaina Levine offers practical advice on how to build and use professional networks.

No cats allowed: How to use social media to advance your career

Employers are increasingly turning to LinkedIn and other social media to identify and assess new hires.

Understanding Hidden Career Opportunities

Understanding, accessing, evaluating, and ultimately harnessing hidden career opportunities are key to surprising professional benefits for both you and your your coworkers.

Take this negotiation or shove it!

It pays to ask for more than an initial job offer contains-even in academia.

The first rule of negotiation is that you should always negotiate.  Business students are taught this on the first of class, but the rest of us have to learn by trial and error.

What do Physicists do?
  What Careers do Physicists have?
  Where do Physicists Work?

The Physics Careers Resource answers these questions and more.

Interviewing: The audition that never ends

The face-to-face interview is only one of the personal interactions that employers consider when they evaluate candidates.

Frequently Asked Questions about Networking

Answers to questions asked during the October 2014 Webinar on networking.