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There are many resources available to help teachers of physics, astronomy, and physical science. A few are listed here, and we always welcome suggestions for new items to add to the list. To suggest a teaching resource for this page, email us at webmaster@aapt.org.

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You Need AAPT by Steve Iona

The Feynman Lectures on Physics

Hewitt Drew-IT!  Physics Screen Casts

Teach Physics: Make a Difference video (PhysTEC.org)

The Constellations and Their Stars

National Science Foundation Videos

NBC Learn - Science of the NFL

NBC Learn - Science of the Olympic Winter Games

NSF - Science of Speed

Free Online Climate and Energy Teaching Resources - Grades 6-16

Newton's Apple - The Physics of Roller Coasters (YouTube Video)

The Physics of Baseball

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Physics Meets the Monsters, a series of three videos that encourage students to enroll in middle school and high school physics.

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WebAssign Physics Explorations with Direct Measurement Videos

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The Center for Probing the Nanoscale at Stanford University-Hands-onNanoActivities

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Don’t Lecture Me: Rethinking the Way College Students Learn

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The Small Matter of Big Science


Physics Education Highlights

Preparing High School Physics Teachers

By taking on a significant part of the education of high school physics teachers, physics departments in the US can inspire their students and help ensure a scientifically educated population.  Written by Ted Hodapp (American Physical Society), Jack Hehn (American Institute of Physics), and Warren Hein (American Association of Physics Teachers).  Physics Today, February 2009, p.40.

Dr. Cise's Physics: New York Times Applications of Concepts

Physics professor at Austin Community College, Dr. John P Cise takes New York Times articles and alters them to include questions and teach lessons about physics. Physics concepts include Kinematics, Newton's 2 Law, Fluids, Heat, Sound, and more.

      The Cyclotron Kids: Teenagers Building Atom Smasher    


      A group of three high school students are in the process of building a cyclotron with the help of Jefferson Labs. Heidi, German, and Peter comprise the whole of "The Cyclotron Kids" (thecyclotronkids.org). They recently posted an introductory video on YouTube detailing the interesting story of how they met and how the project came to be.

The Cyclotron Kids, video (YouTube.com)