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Gregory Puskar - Chair of Section Representativesgreg_puskar

BS in Physics plus 30 hours graduate credit in Physics and an MBA from West Virginia University.  Hired by Physics Department as lab manager during senior year (1979).  While chairing department safety committee, received several committee awards.  Recipient of 1992 University-Wide Safety Award.  Member of University Chemical Hygiene Plan drafting committee, Chemical Hygiene Officer Committee and chaired Office of Environmental Health and Safety Hazardous Waste Manager search committee.  Initiated a University TQM project for a university-wide Graduate Teaching Assistant training program in 1994.  Served on the development committee and Training committee from 1995-2005.  Wrote a Lab Managers Guide for Holt, Rinehart and Winston and reviewed 2 textbooks for safety issues.
Joined AAPT in 1984 and became a Lifetime member in 2007.  Served on a variety of area and advisory committees, chairing some.  Served 3 terms on The Physics Teacher Editorial Board.  Presented an invited paper at the 1993 Lab Focus conference.  Member of the Goals of the Introductory Lab policy drafting committee.  Co-authored the AAPT Safety manual.  Member of an AAPT Strategic Planning Retreat at ACP in 2006.  Helped judge 2 Apparatus Competitions and the 2012 Intel Science Fair (AAPT team of judges).  Appalachian Section representative, two-term president and hosted two section meetings.  Vice-Chair and Chair of Section Representatives and member of Executive Board from 2011-2015.