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Committee on History & Philosophy in Physics

2014 Area Committee of the Year

The Committee on History and Philosophy in Physics has been selected as the 2014 AAPT Area Committee of the year.  The Committee has gone beyond the standard responsibilities of Area Committees and the Committee's mission and initiatives are aligned with the 2013 AAPT Strategic Plan. For example, they developed sessions and a field trip to the Bakken Museum in Minneapolis during the 2014 Summer Meeting, started an initiative to connect history of physics with recent developments in physics in such a way that this is useful for teachers of physics through sessions and workshops, continued to expand teachers' perceptions of the history of physics to non-European cultures through sessions and workshops, and are actively working on the Committee's website. The Executive Board appreciates the Committee's initiatives and looks forward to seeing positive outcomes of these and other initiatives.

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Todd K. Timberlake, Committee Chair (2016)
Berry College
Dept of Physics and Astronomy
PO Box 5004
Mount Berry, GA United States 30149-5004
Phone: (706) 368-5622; Fax: (706) 238-7855

Harvey S. Leff, Vice Chair (2016)
California Polytechnic State University - Pomona
12705 SE River Rd
Apt 501S
Portland, OR United States 97222
Phone: (503) 894-4544

Celia Chung Chow (2018)
Central Connecticut State University
9 Andrew Dr
Weatogue, CT United States 06089
Phone: (860) 888-8209; Fax: (860) 658-5009

Ekaterina I. Michonova-Alexova (2018)
Erskine Coll
2 Washington St
Po Box 338
Due West, SC United States 29639-0338
Phone: (864) 379-6579; Fax: (864) 379-2167

Richard W. Peterson (2017)
Bethel University
3900 Bethel Dr
Dept of Physics Box 88
St Paul, MN United States 55112
Phone: (651) 638-6465; Fax: (651) 638-6001

Michael J. Ponnambalam (2016)
7 - 40 Sannathi Street
Vadakkankulam, Tirunelvely District
Tamil Nadu, India 627116

Bob Powell (2017)
University of West Georgia
Dept of Physics
1601 Maple St
Carrollton, GA United States 30118
Phone: (678) 839-4095; Fax: (678) 639-4088

Jesse David Wall (2018)
City College of San Francisco
50 Phelan Avenue
San Francisco, CA United States 94112

Robert C. Hilborn, Ex Officio
American Association of Physics Teachers
One Physics Ellipse
College Park, MD United States 20740-3845
Phone: (301) 209-3325; Fax: (301) 209-0845

Richard Ballentine, Staff Liaison
American Association of Physics Teachers
Office of the Executive Officer
One Physics Ellipse
College Park, MD United States 20740-3845
Phone: (301) 209-3311; Fax: (301) 209-0845

Past Chairs

Committee on History & Philosophy of Physics

Thomas B. Greenslade, Jr. (2013)

Shawn Reeves (2014)

Ruth H. Howes (2015)



  1. To promote interest in the history and philosophy of physics among the Association members.
  2. To work towards the preservation and deepening of a historical perspective in physics education at all levels.
  3. To develop increased sensitivity among members to the need to preserve careful records of current happenings.
  4. To cooperate, as appropriate, with AIP's Center for the History of Physics and APS's Forum on the History of Physics.