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AAPT Section News, July 2013
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Alabama Section
The Alabama Section of AAPT met in conjunction with
the Alabama Science Teachers Association at the Space
and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama on Saturday,
February 16, 2013. The setting was out of this world, and
the hospitality of our hosts was warm on a chilly Saturday.
The day started with a meet and greet mixer for new
and old members to renew friendships and membership.
Then came a Make and Take Session organized by Tommi
Holsenbeck and other Alabama Science in Motion (ASIM)
Specialists. Participants were shown how to make demos
on the Doppler shift, Inertia, DC motors, Palm Pipes,
Marshmallow launchers and more.
Other papers presented during the day included:
3D Printing in Zero Gravity
Carol Bohatch, Madison City Schools
Jeremy Raper, Jessye Gaines, co-presenters
Can you print replacement equipment while circling
the Earth aboard the Space Station? We have tested our
hypothesis in zero gravity. This session will share details of
our trip aboard the Zero Gravity plane sponsored by NASA.
Project(v.) a Project(n.) for Your Physics StudentsThat
Motivates Interest
Tommi Holsenbeck, ASU/Auburn University
Christina Steele, co-presenter
Significant projects in physics class can be the highlight
for students. They use physics concepts to create a concrete
item. Some examples are: King of the Hill, Model Rockets,
Rube Goldberg contraptions, Cardboard Boat Races,
Musical Instruments, Haiku, Vector Vectorines, New
Version of a Science Biography, Toothpick Bridges, etc.
Come hear about possible projects, long term and short
term, for physics class. Share your ideas too.
Barbara Cady, Alabama A&M University
Mostafa Dokhanian, John Reutter, Marius Schamschula,
Presentation of information on the NSF MSP grant
to Alabama A&M University entitled, “Alliance for
Physics Excellence (APEX)” and how it transforms
secondary physics education in Alabama by imparting the
latest teaching practices to in-service teachers through a
partnership with AMSTI.
University of Alabama PhysTEC Program
J.W. Harrell, University of Alabama
Penni Wallace, Stan Jones, Dennis Sunal, co-presenters
The University of Alabama has been awarded a
PhysTEC grant to increase the number of certified HS
physics teachers. Major components include a Learning
Assistant program, a Teacher-in-Residence, and a
collaboration with Science in Motion.
Measuring what you intend to measure: pitfalls in
Justin Sanders, University of South Alabama
Michael Boleman, co-presenter
Students are often discouraged when they fail to
obtain expected results in an introductory laboratory even
when they correctly follow the experimental procedure.
Sometimes the discrepancy is due to incorrect instructions
or assumptions that may not be valid for all experimental
conditions. Pitfalls in a “straightforward” projectile motion
laboratory will be given as one example.
Hands-On Newton’s Laws of Motion with NASA
Tyson Harty, Ph.D., Jasper County High School
Help your students discover Newton’s Laws of Motion
through true inquiry with over 25 simple hands-on
activities featuring everyday objects and toys. Get free
color NASA posters and all instructions for setup in your
APS PAIR Pilot Physics Project at Amelia L. Johnson
High School
Deborah A. Harper, MAEd, Amelia L. Johnson High School
Lisa M. Ramirez, PhD, co-presenter
July 2013
Published by the American Association of Physics Teachers as a service to AAPT Sections
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