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AAPT Section News, July 2013
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Gary Baier, Green Bay East High School
New Results from the IceCube Project—Here, There, and
Everywhere – Jim Madsen, UW-River Falls
Nonspherical Nuclei – John Karkheck, Marquette University
Emerging Technologies in Physics Education
Matt Evans, UW-Eau Claire
Teaching Special Relativity: ASoftware Aid for Spacetime
Diagrams – Melissa Vigil, Marquette University
Optics Experiments/Demonstrations to Engage Students and
Enhance Teaching of Physics and Astronomy
Swapnil Tripathi, UW-Washington County
Method of Generating Unique Problem Sets and Solutions
Aaron Steffen, UW-Marathon County
Double This, Triple That, Cut the Other Thing in Half:
Proportional Reasoning Physics Problems – Mike Sinberg,
Green Bay Preble High School
Determination of the Electrical Resistivity of Water
Jim Mallmann, Milwaukee School of Engineering
Teaching Physics in China. – Steve Sahyun, UW-Whitewater
Teaching the History of Science as a Short-Term Study abroad
in Europe – Elizabeth Holden, UW-Platteville
Using Online Homework Data to Assess Students’ Confidence
in Their Knowledge – Andrew Pawl, UW-Platteville
Galileo’s Inquiry Into Acceleration Revisited
Gary Baier, Green Bay East High School, and Mike Sinberg,
Green Bay Preble High School
Interactive Demonstrations – Philip Young, UW-Platteville
Make and Take Physics – Larry Scheckel, Tomah High
Introduction to Microsystems and Nanotechnology – Yan Wu,
Interactive, Simulator-Based Online Resources for Astronomy
Adriana Durbala, UW-Stevens Point
Developing Animated Graphs and Diagrams Using Excel
David Tamres, UW-Stevens Point, and Mark Lattery, UW-
Current officers of the Wisconsin Section of AAPT:
President: Phil Young, UW-Platteville (2012-2013)
Vice-President Matt Evans, UW-Eau Claire (2012-2013)
Past-President: Brad Hinaus – UW-Stevens Point (2012-2013)
Secretary-Treasurer: Erik Hendrickson, UW-Eau Claire (2010-
Two-Year College Representative: Carey Woodward, UW-
Fond du lac (2012-2014)
High School Representative: Gary Baier, Green Bay East High
School (2011-2013)
Section Representative: A. James Mallmann, Milwaukee
School of Engineering (2012–2015)
—A. James Mallman, Section Representative
To list your section meeting in the AAPT Calendar of Events,
e-mail the information to
American Association of Physics Teachers
One Physics Ellipse • College Park, MD 20740
ph. 301.209.3333 • fax 301.209.0845 • web
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