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AAPT Section News, July 2013
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Ohio Section
The Spring Meeting of the Ohio Section AAPT met at
Lakeland Community College on March 2, 2013. The
program consisted of two plenary speakers: Robert Morse
from St. Andrews School in Washington, D.C. gave a talk
on the new Advance Placement course in physics and Susan
Ramlo, University of Akron, spoke about her experience
with the “flipped classroom.” In addition to these Jay
Reynolds gave a short talk on the partnership between
Lakeland CC students and Cleveland State University
students to actually do some astronomy research using
astrophotography techniques.
Elections were for the following year. Nate Van Way
was elected to be the Vice-President for High Schools and
Claudia Bartley was elected to fill out the remaining part
of the term for the Vice-President for Two-Year Colleges.
Steve Majoros is now the President-Elect and Aaron
Ballonoff is President for the 2013-2014 year.
Following the business meeting was the “How I
Do It” session. Fred Jarka talked about “everyday,
backyard gravity,” Gary Wood discussed the second law
demonstration using Vernier’s wireless dynamics senor
system, Francis Graham presented the non-uniform Gravity
inside the Earth, Juliana Williams and Jim Andrews
presented “How I Integrate IPads in my Classroom” Gene
Ewald talked about the “spring constant” of Therabands,
and Jon Schutter presented several quick demonstrations.
In the afternoon two workshops were held. Bob Morse
led the workshop on Electrostatics and Steve Majoros
presented Near Infrared Imaging with Digital Cameras.
Following the workshops was the awarding of $25 to the
best How-I-Do-It (determine by ballot of those present)
to Juliana and Jim Andrews. The Great-Give-Away with
donations provided by several vendors and members
concluded the meeting.
Participants in the Electrostatics workshop.
—Myra West, Section Representative
Quebec Section
QcAPT Section Officers
President: Nathaniel Lasry – John Abbott College
Vice President: Jesus Vazquez-Abad – Université de
Secretary-Treasurer: Calvin Kalman – Concordia University
Section Representative: Chris Whittaker – Dawson College
Webmaster: Michael Dugdale – John Abbott College
2012 Events & Activities
Jan.13th, 2012: QcAPT Annual Meeting
The annual meeting of the QcAPT was held on Jan.13th.
The executive for 2012 and plans for the year were
April 3rd, 2012: TakingActive Learning to the Next Level
The QcAPT helped to coordinate an evening of workshops
on Active Learning. The evening included keynote talks by
Dr. Julie Schell (Harvard U. and The University of Texas at
Austin) and Dr. Michael Dubson (Colorado University at
Boulder). The evening was attended by over 150 people.
May 23rd, 2012: The Scientific Approach to Teaching
QcAPT helped to coordinate a day-long series of
workshops on Science teaching pedagogy with a keynote
speech by Dr, Eric Mazur. The event was attended by over
140 people from across the province of Quebec and was
highly successful in promoting research-based approached
to science education.
Plans for 2012
• A workshop for high school physics teachers from
several English- speaking Montreal high schools has been
organized for Tuesday, January 14th 2013. This initiative
is the first of its kind for the QcAPT and it is being jointly
planned with the Science Education Consultant for the
Lester B. Pearson School Board. The workshop will focus
on technology and pedagogy and will pair-up high school
teachers with a college teacher for a series of seminars.
• The QcAPT is working in conjunction with the
SALTISE1 initiative (Supporting Active Learning and
Technological Innovation in Science Education) and the
CAP (Canadian of Physicists) PER Division to coordinate
one day of workshops and seminars at the 2013 CAP
Annual Congress to be held in Montreal from May 27-31.
The keynote speaker for this event will be Joe Reddish.
• The QcAPT is working with
to coordinate the
Second Annual Summer Workshops (June 11th, 2013)
that will feature Dr. Manu Kapur (National Institute of
Education and Nanyang Technological University,
Singapore) as keynote speaker.
—Chris Whittaker, Section Representative
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