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AAPT Section News, July 2013
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physics simulation
. Along with a brief review of
electric circuits, the workshop facilitator will share some
investigations created by colleagues at Central Washington
University including an equipment list for the hands-on
Andrew Boudreaux, WWU, 7-8pm, Invention tasks to
support mathematical sense-making in physics. When we
introduce new quantities in physics we usually explain
mathematically how they are related to other quantities.
Too often students misinterpret the reasoning and simply
memorize, approaching physics as a match-the-equation
activity. Invention instruction, pioneered by Dan Schwartz,
presents open-ended situations in which students must create
mathematical procedures to characterize physical situations.
Invention tasks prime students to make sense of subsequent
formal instruction. This workshop will engage participants in
invention tasks and discuss classroom applications.
Invited Talks
Bruce Palmquist
Central Washington University
Facilitating student
creativity using online simulations
Ajay Narayanan, Adrienne Battle, and Keith Clay
Green River Community College
Sparking creativity
through clubs and labs
Jeff Hashimoto
Ellensburg High School
Opportunities for creativity in high
school physics
Donna Messina
University of Washington
Professional development that
fosters teachers’ creativity in bringing inquiry to the K-12
Lezlie DeWater
Seattle Pacific University
Scaffolding creativity and
imagination in physical science courses for pre-service
elementary teachers
Don Pringle
Ferndale High School
Modeling instruction in the high
school physics classroom
James Day
University of British Columbia
Invention activities as
preparation for learning laboratory data handling skills
Kristen Larson
Western Washington University
Putting my money where
my mouth is: Adventures in using lecture time to foster
creativity in problem solving
Contributed Talks
Mark Buchli
Liberty High School
Ice investigations for physics students:
A Post APExam Opportunity
Natasha Holmes
University of British Columbia
Developing Skills Through
Thomas Haff
Issaquah High School
Tops and Gyro: How do you measure
spin and precession at the same time?
Natasha Holmes, Ida Roll, James Day, and Doug Bonn
University of British Columbia
The invention Support
Environment – Where do we go from here?
Alistair McInerny, Andrew Boudreaux and Sepideh P.
Western Washington University
Assessing the reflexive
writing of introductory physics students
Sepideh P. Rishel, Andrew Boudreaux
Western Washington University
Characterizing student
metacognition: A case study approach.
Alexis Olsho
University of Washington
Research as a guide for adapting
curriculum on special relativity to a new population
Stella Stylianidou
University of Washington
Identifying student difficulties
with IV characteristic curves
—Robert Hobbs, Section Representative
Western Pennsylvania Section
The Western Pennsylvania Section held 2 meetings in 2012.
WPAAPT was challenged by attendance at local meetings and
getting local members to join the National organization.
Spring 2012 Joint Meeting with Central Pennsylvania Section
– Penn State University (I do not know attendance – they kept
track, though)
Fall 2012 Meeting – Mercyhurst University, Erie PA – 30
Find WPAAPT online at
—Dyan Jones, Section Representative
Wisconsin Section
The Fall 2012 Meeting of the Wisconsin Section of AAPT was
held on October 26-27, 2012 at UW-Platteville in Platteville,
The banquet speaker was Dr. Mark Eriksson from UW-
Madison. He presented a talk on:
Quantum Computing:
embracing the limits of physics
Papers presented:
Modeling Ocean Tides to Demonstrate Centripetal Forces
John Fons, UW-Rock County
Blown Away – Alan Scott, UW-Stout
TBD (It WILL be fun.)–Matt Vonk, UW-River Falls
Learning Objectives Based Assessment—The Next Grading
Paradigm – Todd Zimmerman, UW-Stout
Eye Movements While Interpreting Graphical Representation
of Motion – Jennifer Docktor, UW-LaCrosse
Harnessing the Wind: An Induction Lab for Engineering
Students – Melissa Vigil, Marquette University
Physics Education Outreach, Wherever You Find It
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