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February 2006

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News Headlines 

This new section features a selection of recent stories of interest to our members.*

Is America Flunking Science?
From Time

The Drastic Shortage of Qualified Physics Teachers in U.K. Schools
From the Institute of Physics

Einstein’s Theory “Improved”?
From the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council [PPARC]

A New Award for Excellence in College Astronomy Teaching
From the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP)

Road-Ready Night Vision
From Wired

News from the Executive Office

Celebrating 75 Years
This year marks AAPT's 75th anniversary. Visit our anniversary site for details on upcoming activities and events!

Hot Discounts at the AAPT Online Store
Right now, select World Year of Physics items are 50% off: t-shirts, watches, hats, umbrellas, and more! Visit the store now for these items as well as AAPT 75th Anniversary commemorative items:

75th Anniversary Trivia Contest
Physics trivia connoisseur? AAPT history expert? Enter the AAPT weekly trivia contest. Registration is free and is restricted to current AAPT members. Play to win weekly and monthly prizes. Click here to play:

75th Anniversary Time Capsule
Coming Soon: Look for your opportunity to suggest items for inclusion in a time capsule. Items will be sealed in the capsule at the AAPT Annual Meeting this summer. The capsule will remain sealed until our 100th Anniversary in 2031. Read more anniversary news and information here: http://www.aapt.org/anniversary/index.cfm

Desperately Seeking September '64
Do you have a pristine copy of the September 1964 The Physics Teacher that you're willing to sacrifice for the sake of AAPT's online archives? If so, please email us at: jchamber@aapt.org (AAPT will pay your shipping costs.) Special thanks to AAPT member Mitchell Bronk who donated more than 200 issues (1964-1989) for this project.

Recommended Reading 

American Journal of Physics
Article of the Month
Quantum Mysteries Tested: An Experiment Implementing Hardy’s Test of Local Realism
(AJP online subscribers only, PDF format)

The Physics Teacher
Article of the Month

Teaching and Learning: A Necessary Entanglement (TPT online subscribers only, PDF format)

Upcoming Meetings & Events 

AAPT 2006 Summer Meeting
Details on the July 22-26 meeting at Syracuse University are available here:

2006 Physics Bowl
Details about the contest and awards as well as a registration form are available here:
The deadline for registering for the contest is March 20.

Member News

Past President Peterson Honored
Dick Peterson has been appointed as "University Professor" at Bethel University.

New Executive Board Members
AAPT is pleased to announce its new Executive Board members. For complete information go to:

Do You Know a Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math Educator with a Disability?
Georgia Tech researchers are conducting a survey to learn about the employment experiences and workplace accommodations used by science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) K-12 and postsecondary educators who have a disability. The survey is anonymous and takes about 20-30 minutes to complete. While there is no direct benefit to you for participating in this study, the goal of this research is to provide information to help people with disabilities successfully become teachers and to help educators who acquire a disability to be able to continue in their career. To participate in this NSF-funded research project, go to: http://www.catea.org/teachersurvey/

Career Center

Looking for the best physics job candidates and job opportunities? The AAPT Career Center is part of the Physics Today Career Network focused on the physics industry and its related disciplines that reaches more than 120,000 physicists and other scientists in a broad range of sectors from academia to industry to government and nonprofit organizations. It offers advertisers unmatched exposure and the best buy for their advertising dollar. Visit the online Career Center at:

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